Misha Hill is a drinkware designer based out of Metro Detroit who recently relocated back to her hometown after living on the West Coast for four years. Her love of drinkware started as early as she can remember. She didn't travel much as a kid so as she got older, anytime she would go somewhere new, she'd buy a mug to add to her collection. Eventually, she started collecting mugs all together. Whenever she'd be at an event, if there was someone giving away a free mug, she'd make sure to get one.

The Birth of A Drinkware Brand
Her mug collection would soon become her means for sharing stories. Each mug she owns has some type of story tied to it. She also overall just really loved both unique and classic drink ware. From those McDonald’s collectible cups to beautifully decorated Wine glasses. Oh and she LOVES CRYSTAL AND CHINA. Tea Cups are her thing too!
She personally feels that there is just something about drinkware. Whether shot glasses, whisky glasses , champagne flutes or any drink where with a statement on it in lettering or in design, she finds herself revisiting her favorite pieces whenever she goes into the kitchen for a beverage. Her favorite thing that happens is when her husband will notice her drinking out of a certain mug frequently and he'll ask, "what's so special about that mug?"
He knows there's going to be a story tied to it! She shares that while her husband is likely to grab any piece of drinkware that's available, she chooses her drinkware based on what he mood is in the moment.
"I also feel like people own their drinkware, like its hard for me to drink out of something that I know was intentionally bought for my husband. Like I'm not drinking out of a mug that says Husband of the year LOL"
- MIsha Hill
Outside of her corporate job and and running two up-and-coming businesses, Misha Hill loves spending time with her husband and fur baby. When she's not with them, she also enjoys time with her family and friends.
Misha HIll has been an Entrepreneur for over 10 years and says she's learned a lot!
"I've found my lane, and I think I'll park here for now and enjoy the view." -Misha Hill