Here's How I'm Self-Caring in 2023

Here's How I'm Self-Caring in 2023

 Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I've written a post here. I'm sorry about that. We've spent some time decompressing in December and gearing up for the new year. I want to share with you what's helped me make it through January so far—something called mandatory daily self-care.

Now, in case you didn't know, January can be a really tough month for me. It's cold outside, and the sun is not out for very long (if at all), and I start to feel the energy inside of me drain away. For me, this is especially true because I also have quite a few birthdays (of people who are no longer here) as well as death dates in January and grief has no timeline. 

That's why I started doing daily self-care again: because it helps me control the energy that drains away from me during these moments when everything feels bleakest. Here are some things that work for me:
-Meditation and Prayer (for 5-10 minutes at least)
-Reading something inspiring/motivating/entertaining (30 minutes at least) including my bible
-Exercise (20-30 minutes at least)
-Making sure I eat healthy foods that help me feel energized
-Getting enough sleep at night so that my body can recover from the day's activities
I also make sure to drink a glass of water (and actually drink it) before I have coffee. I'll sometimes listen to something positive or motivating on YouTube.
What does it look like when I stick with this routine? First off, it helps me feel more grounded in my life overall—like I'm taking care of myself so that other things can fall into place. It also means that when things go wrong during the day as they inevitably sometimes do, I'm able to deal with it better. 

This January, I'm doing something different. And it's paid off in ways I never expected. I feel more energized and less stressed. I've been actively working on controlling my energy. That means being intentional about what I'm focusing on during the day, what I'm eating and drinking, and how I'm spending my time.
 One last thing I do is:
-Write down one thing each day that I'm grateful for 
I'm also actually pushing any extra business activities towards the weekend where I have more time instead of trying to cram it in during the four to five hours I have after I get home from work. 
I encourage you in 2023 to do what's best for you and be kind to yourself. Everything else will be there. Take care of you first!

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